Hampton Roads, Virginia

Hampton Roads refers to a metropolitan area of Southeastern Virginia, and also a body of water in the same area. It is known for its shipyards, ice ­free harbor, coal piers, the large military presence that’s established there, and also for its beaches and miles of waterfront properties.

Each of these contributes to the area's stable economy.

The body of water, which is termed as "roads" or roadstead, is one of the largest natural harbors in the world. The harbor is where the mouths of the Nansemond River, the Elizabeth River, the James River, and a number of other smaller rivers empty at Chesapeake Bay.

The area of land, which is also called Tidewater, encompasses a variety of cities, towns, and counties which reside on the Virginia Peninsula and also within South Hampton Roads.


Other than a sizable number of public school options available in Hampton Roads, there are also various private and religious educational establishments to choose from. Furthermore, area residents have a wide choice of higher education colleges and universities.

Shopping Facilities

Hampton Roads is something of a shopper’s paradise. Shopping malls proliferate and there is no shortage of restaurants, cinemas, and bars which serve to enhance the shopping experience.

Among the larger shopping malls are:

  • Lynnhaven Mall at Virginia Beach which has 180 stores.
  • MacArthur Center at Norfolk which offers 140 stores.
  • Chesapeake Square Mall and Greenbrier Mall both at Chesapeake which offer 130 stores and 120 stores apiece.
  • Patrick Henry Mall at Newport News which hosts more than 120 shopping stores.

Things to See and Do in Hampton Roads

Some of the more popular things to see and do in Hampton Roads are listed below:

Fort Monroe's Casemate Museum

Fort Monroe’s Casemate Museum, which is located at 20 Bernard, Inglis Road, Hampton, offers a glimpse into the years of the civil war and African American history. The museum is certainly not one to be missed for anyone who has an interest in the bygone years of North America.

Hampton University

Hampton University makes for a super visit for those who wish to witness this beautiful old establishment together with its backdrop setting on Hampton River. The institution dates back to 1868 and is steeped in tradition and rich in vivid history.

Buckroe Beach and Park

Located at First Street South, Hampton, Buckroe Beach and Park is an ideal place to have a dip in the ocean and enjoy the salty fresh air.


Hampton Roads offers plenty of golfing opportunities including Deer Run Golf Course at Newport News, Lake Wright Golf Course and Ocean View Golf Course at Norfolk, and Bide-A-Wee Golf Course at Portsmouth.

Cost of Living and Crime

The overall cost of living in Hampton Roads is a little less than the national average and in general the cost of housing is quite a lot lower. On the other hand, however, crime rates, both in terms of violent crime and property crime are a little higher than the national averages.


Hampton Roads' average high temperature for the year of 87 degrees falls in July and the summers tend to be very warm and relatively humid, while the average yearly low of 32 degrees is in January and the winters rarely become excessively cold. Average annual rainfall is 44 inches, while the number of sunny days is generally around 212.