Preparing Your Home for Sale

If you are intent on selling your Hampton Roads, Virginia home, it doesn’t take much of an effort to achieve a quick sale and to gain a better price than otherwise you would.

The following 21 tips have proven to work in favor of the home seller time and time again.

Showing Your House – The Preparation

1. The first impression. There’s no doubt about it that first impressions are very important. As such, the front door should be clean and fresh, the lawn nicely edged and trimmed, and the yard should be entirely free of any refuse. During the winter months, do be sure to remove any snow and ice from steps and walkways.

2. Décor. The appeal of a house is quickly reduced with worn woodwork and faded walls. Using neutral colors helps to fit in with a buyer’s desired color scheme, and with a touch up here and there, the chances of a quick sale are heightened accordingly.

3. Daylight. Dark rooms are not appealing so make sure the curtains and draperies are opened wide to allow natural daylight to flood in.

4. Avoid dripping water. Sinks are quickly discolored with dripping water and this also suggests a problem with plumbing. Make sure all faucets are fixed.

5. Make the necessary repairs. Sticking doors and windows, loose knobs and warped drawers on cabinets, in addition to a variety of other minor flaws quickly detract from the value of a home. Get them fixed! It’s true to say that when a potential buyer notices things that need to be fixed they will start to worry about other things that can’t be seen.

6. Remove the unnecessary. Be sure to remove any unnecessary items from the basement, attic, as well as other utility spaces in order to display the full extent and value of your home.

7. Tidy the closet. A tidy and uncluttered closet look larger which in turn helps to prove that there’s more than ample storage space.

8. Clear the stairwell. Avoid a cluttered stairwell at all costs!

9. Bathroom beauty. Beautiful bathrooms sell homes! Remove or repair caulking in showers and around bathtubs if necessary and allow the bathroom to sparkle.

10. The evening presentation. Turn on the lights for an evening presentation as it’s a welcome sign to any potential buyer.

11. Arrange the bedroom. Remove any bedroom furniture that serves to clutter the space. Employ attractive bedspreads and hang curtains that are freshly laundered.

12. Appealing floor covering. Either clean or replace the carpeting throughout your home to maximize the appeal of the interior.

The House Showing

1. The less the merrier. Avoid having more than two people to do the house showings. A potential buyer will hurry through the home when too many people are undertaking the showing as they will feel like an intruder.

2. Pet-friendly? Though cats and dogs may be a welcome addition to a home, some people can be afraid of them or allergic to them. Best to keep them out during a home viewing.

3. Background noise. Turn off the television and/ or stereo when conducting a viewing.

4. Don’t apologize. Don’t ever be tempted to apologize for how your home looks. It has been lived in, after all, so allow the trained salesperson to deal with any objections.

5. Courteous conversation. No need to force conversation as a way of being polite. A potential buyer wants to view your home. They are not there for a social call.

6. The salesperson will handle it. A trained salesperson should be allowed to handle the viewing of your home so don’t be tempted to tag along. If you are needed, you’ll be asked.

7. Include the furniture? Prior to a sale being made, making an effort to dispose of any furniture and furnishings to someone who’s interested in your home can, and often does, lose the sale.

8. By order of appointment. Use your real estate group associate to show your home either by appointment or through a scheduled open house situation. This will serve to sell your house more quickly.

9. The professional knows best. Allow your real estate group associate to discuss the terms, price, possession, as well as other important factors that the buyer must know. The associate is strongly positioned to conclude negotiations favorably.

Team Spotlight

Tom Kyewski Realtor
Team Leader/Realtor